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UPMEM Recognized for Its Innovations in the Semiconductor Industry
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In-Memory Computing No Fewer than Four Approaches

Instead of consuming massive power to move, and wait to move, data to the computing unit, UPMEM is bringing the computing unit to the data. An explanation brief and to the…


Accelerating Compute By Cramming It Into DRAM Memory
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UPMEM to present its true Processing-In-Memory solution @ Hot Chips 2019 leading conference

UPMEM is invited to present its disruptive Processing-In-Memory (PIM) solution on August 19, 2019 at Hot Chips, along most prestigious peer leaders. Known as one of the semiconductor industry’s leading…

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Excellence goes with quality and good tools

As part of our drive for excellence, UPMEM software team has worked for few months with SuperTest compiler test and validation suite, edited by Solid Sands. As a company, we are passionate…

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IMPACT USA : UPMEM off to conquer the West!

After more than three years of research and development, UPMEM is about to take a new step: the conquest of Silicon Valley.  As UPMEM chip is entering production, and commercialization will start in 2019, the start-up will participate from the beginning of October to the autumn session of IMPACT USA.

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Gilles Hamou, CEO d’UPMEM, est nominé pour le prix Entrepreneur de l’Année E&Y

Gilles Hamou, CEO d’UPMEM, a été sélectionné pour participer au Prix du Public “Entrepreneur de l’Année 2018” d’Ernst & Young, pour la région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.


UPmem réinvente la carte mémoire pour concurrencer Intel

UPMEM Announces the First Processing In-Memory Chip Accelerating Big Data Applications

Western Digital backs processor-in-memory startup

The company is working on a processor-in-memory (PIM) architecture for use in the data center where it would sit embedded in DRAM to be close to data.