Our vision

Sustainable acceleration

At UPMEM we believe that a major challenge of the data era is efficient computing. In order to scale up data centers with the increasing computing demand, we wanted a solution that accelerates computation and reduces the power consumption of servers.
Every new iterations of our design take this vision in account. Today we accelerate 15x, but also reduce energy consumption by a factor 10 at equivalent throughput.

 Our mission

Build a great PIM solution

Through Process In Memory, we put an end to costly data movement by computing exactly where the data is: the memory. We developed the first PIM solution that is fully programmable,  scalable, and efficient to address data-intensive applications and without requiring any hardware architecture changes.
PIM is affordable: the data center TCO under our technology is 5 to 10 times lower than with FPGA or GPU.

 Understand value and applications


« UPMEM PIM is a low-cost and general purpose computing solution that already demonstrated a 15x acceleration factor for multiple applications including genomics, analytics, search, database scan, AI… Those benchmarks demonstrate that this drastic improvement can be done at very limited application porting costs. PIM will become a core component of next generation servers and computing systems.

Join our team

UPMEM team is at the core of our success and development. We are looking for talent for hardware design and implementation, PIM software tools, and software development on big data verticals (Analytics, AI, genomics, crypto…)     

Everybody talks about UPMEM and PIM