Program PIM units
with a standard toolchain

A set of tools for developing, debugging and building programs.
C Compiler based on LLVM 10.

Software Development Kit (SDK)


A set of programming interfaces to be used at run time by the high level application running on the main CPU to manage the PIM units

Open documentation

Code examples are available on github, as well as the plug-in for CLION Integrated Development Environment.


The first step implies understanding how to leverage the massive computing power and memory bandwidth to organize the algorithm implementation. Then programming.


The SDK documentation includes the toolchain features, the programming APIs and developer’s tools and environment.

Platform evaluation

FPGA @200MHz

An FPGA emulation platform is available, based on Xilinx Ultrascale+ board. It combines 32 PIM units @ 200MHz and their DRAM memory.

Fully integrated with SDK

The FPGA board is fully integrated with the SDK, and enables application prototyping and benchmarking. A software simulator is included.