As part of our drive for excellence, UPMEM software team has worked for few months with SuperTest compiler test and validation suite, edited by Solid Sands. As a company, we are passionate about building a solution that challenges the boundaries of the possible, and bringing our customers the best tools to accelerate their applications.

In this context, our hardware and software teams work together in a common framework on a daily basis. Using validation tools such as SuperTest allows our R&D team to validate code development at every step, both for hardware and software. For us, this is a way of being more efficient and guarantee a high level of quality of the solution.

David Furodet, Software Manager

David Furodet, our software manager, explains that “the compiler is absolutely critical, because if you have any kind of bug in your compiler it has a very serious impact on your customers. So we need to test it very intensively. After evaluating all the options, we chose SuperTest for two main reasons: firstly, because of its very exhaustive test coverage, and secondly, because its fine-grain reporting structure allows us to quickly pin-point the underlying cause of compiler errors. An added advantage was that it was very easy to get SuperTest up and
running and delivering results.”



The press release is available here : Press_Release_Upmem_SolidSands

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