UPMEM is invited to present its disruptive Processing-In-Memory (PIM) solution on August 19, 2019 at Hot Chips, along most prestigious peer leaders. Known as one of the semiconductor industry’s leading conference on high-performance microprocessors, Hot Chips attracts thousands of microprocessor architects, technologists and IT professionals in Stanford, Palo Alto, CA.

UPMEM true PIM solution, – standard DDR4 DIMM modules with UPMEM chips: DRAM chips embedding processors and DRAM, plus its SDK – , accelerates big data applications while reducing dramatically data movement thus energy consumption. With silicon out of fab, UPMEM is now ready to unveil its last results.  

We will show that PIM is to have a great impact on the efficiency of the cloud industry.” said Gilles Hamou, the CEO & Co-founder of the fabless start-up.

UPMEM and its technology have already attracted attention, cooperation and orders from large performance critical application owners, server & cloud companies & hyperscalers.

As summarized by Rick Merritt, the analyst from EE Times, during his talk on “EETimes On Air – AI@Hot Chips” May 31, 2019, “There will be a talk by UPMEM, one of the emerging in-memory compute architectures that could be pretty interesting.”

Fabrice Devaux, CTO & Co-founder of UPMEM, will detail this worldwide premiere.



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