CMI Phase 2 award

UPMEM is an award winner of the 2nd edition of the Concours Mondial de l’Innovation 2030 - Phase 2

DATE 2018 conference

Fabrice Devaux, CTO of UPMEM and co-founder was presenting the latest and greatest of Processing-In-Memory (PIM) at DATE conference 2018 in Dresden - Germany

DATE 2018 Conference

Fabrice Devaux, CTO of UPMEM and co-founder will present the latest and greatest of Processing-In-Memory (PIM) at DATE conference, March 27th 2018, in Dresden – Germany. The presentation will cover the…

UpMem, la mémoire augmentée

Le concept de la start-up lancée par l'entrepreneur Fabrice Devaux tient en une idée : accélérer le traitement de données dans les data centers. Parmi ses cibles potentielles : les GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook et Amazon), ces géants du web.

UPMEM series A funding (PR)

UPMEM Announces the First Processing In-Memory Chip Accelerating Big Data Applications. UPMEM secures 3 million € round with C4 Ventures, Partech Ventures, Supernova Invest, Western Digital Capital, CA, tech entrepreneurs.…

Diving into Kelonia

A powerful framework to manage a pack of co-processors with few lines of code

MEMSYS 2016: Best start up company award

October 5th 2016. UPMEM is very proud to be awarded as Start up of the year, surrounded by memory systems experts. For the second year, The International Symposium on Memory System…

Developing applications with DPUs

The PIM (Processing-In-Memory) solution developed by UPMEM is based on a RISC processor design code-named DPU (stands for DRAM Processing Unit), optimized for intensive data processing and compatible with DRAM process constraints.

Award season

Summer time has been busy of events for UPMEM ! It started on June 20th, in Paris, at the french Senate where the company was awarded in Tremplin 2016 Start up challenge, organised…

The Genomics use cases

Genomics is a major contributor to Bioinformatics market, expected to grow 20% per year in the next decade. Giga bytes of data are involved at each computations (DNA samples, reference genome, banks, etc. )…