October 5th 2016. UPMEM is very proud to be awarded as Start up of the year, surrounded by memory systems experts.

Memsys 2016 Award
Jef Roy, UPMEM at the center and Pr. Bruce Jacobs. U. Maryland on the right.

For the second year, The International Symposium on Memory System (Memsys 2016) is being held  in Washington D.C. area. The agenda is packed on 2.5 days, with 50 speakers presenting their work to the community, and covering everything around memory : Memory architecture, memory-aware software, memory impact, better use of existing technology, future directions, processing-in-memory, heterogeneous computing, etc. .

The industry is also very well represented (Intel, AMD, IBM, Nvidia, ARM, Micron, HPE and others), taking the opportunity to share their vision and initiatives in the domain of memory systems.