Needing >10x Big Data Apps Boost ? AWS UPMEM PIM Simulator Available!

UPMEM is releasing a true Processing-in-Memory (PIM)  acceleration solution. It proves on many use cases that it can boost data intensive apps 20x, with 10x less energy and marginal HW & programming costs. On many apps: genomics, search, analytics… Do you want to evaluate how much your app can be accelerated? Easy-to-use UPMEM PIM SDK & FPGA simulators are available on AWS instances.


UPMEM PIM simulators are designed with the same SDK that targets real soon to come PIM-DRAM systems. Those on-cloud simulators allow programmers and application architects access in order to test and evaluate the porting of their applications on PIM systems. Once the evaluation license agreement signed, an account will be assigned to user for creating instances. Want to have a try? Click here


UPMEM PIM-DRAM modules will be available mid-2019 upon request.


Interested in UPMEM PIM technology? Click here


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