UPMEM is excited to announce its Euro-Par Minisymposium on Applications and Benefits of UPMEM commercial Massively parallel Processing-In-Memory Platform on August 28-29, 2023. The event will showcase the innovative PIM architecture designed by UPMEM, which is the first of its kind to be commercialized in real hardware. The symposium will provide a unique opportunity to understand how the technology can be used to accelerate data-intensive applications in various fields, including genomics, analytics, and AI. Attendees will benefit from the feedback of both academic and industrial researchers on their experience in porting applications to the PIM architecture. The symposium is open to anyone with a data-intensive application to accelerate, and integrators can learn how they can leverage the value of this technology for their customers. Join us to discover how to leverage the power of PIM for your applications and stay ahead of the competition!