UPMEM is excited to announce our involvement in the STRATUM project, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at revolutionizing brain tumor surgery through advanced technology. As part of a leading consortium supported by the European Union’s Horizon Europe program, we’re bringing our innovative Processing In Memory (PIM) technology to enhance surgical precision and patient outcomes.

The STRATUM project focuses on developing a 3D Decision Support Tool, integrating multimodal data and AI to assist neurosurgeons in complex procedures. As a leading innovator in Processing In Memory (PIM) technology, UPMEM is at the forefront of addressing the critical “memory wall” challenge in data-intensive applications. By integrating our cutting-edge technology, we aim to contribute significantly to the development of healthcare solutions that not only advance medical practice but also have a tangible impact on patient care.

Learn more about this transformative project and our role in it on the official CORDIS page and read this detailed article.