UPMEM is now part of the ODYSSAI project, an initiative supported by the France 2030 investment plan. This collaboration, led by Thales and including partners such as 2CRSi and Kalray, focuses on developing advanced edge computing systems for AI applications in challenging environments.

Key Points for UPMEM:

  • Upgrading Technology: The project aligns with our goal to transition to DDR5, enhancing our product performance.
  • Expanding Compatibility: Through ODYSSAI, we aim to support a wider range of platforms, meeting diverse technological needs.

Project Goals:

The ODYSSAI project emphasizes energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions by utilizing specialized computing accelerators and recycled materials. It also aims to promote technological sovereignty with an open and secure platform based on open-source technologies.

Next Steps:

The project officially began with a meeting at Thales Research & Technology in Palaiseau on December 11, 2023. As part of the France 2030 initiative, ODYSSAI represents a commitment to innovation in technology.

We look forward to contributing to this project and will provide updates on our progress.