UPMEM at MEMSYS’15. If you are convinced that Near-Data Processing is the most efficient and scalable approach to solve Big Data Analytics problems, we are on the same page, and you will love UPMEM value proposition.

Meet us at International Symposium on Memory Systems (MEMSYS’ 15), Washington DC, 5-8 Oct. , to exchange on the vision and get the last update on UPMEM technology benefits.

MEMSYS PictureMEMSYS / Richard Sites
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MEMSYS is a new international conference, focusing on system memory. Inaugural year is held in Washington DC :

“Many of the problems we see in the memory system are cross-disciplinary in nature—their solution would likely require work at all levels, from applications to circuits.

MEMSYS primary goal is to showcase interesting ideas that will spark conversation between disparate groups—to get applications people and operating systems people and compiler people and system architecture people and interconnect people and circuits people to talk to each other about the problem.”