UPMEM is among the 12 very high potential tech companies qualified for the highly selective Concours Mondial de l’Innovation  Phase 3 (CMI3).
The CMI3, whose laureates are chosen by Commission Innovation 2030, nominated by the French government, partnering with its Secrétariat Général pour l’Investissement and Bpifrance, aims at supporting those innovative companies for their go to market phase. The support grants the possibility for an investment from 2 to 20M€ from the PSIM fund (« Programme de soutien à l’innovation majeure »), managed by bpifrance, yet to be finalized.
This distinction reflects UPMEM breakthrough with Processing In Memory (PIM) that stunned the semiconductor industry, and its market traction among major cloud users or players, eg in US, China or Europe. PIM successfully addresses the challenge of dwarfing off-chip data movement in the computing node, between the processor and its main memory. PIM allows applications such as genomics, search engines… to run over ten times faster in PIM enhanced computers, while 10 times more energy and less costly. Besides customers, tens of labs on all continents are developing new use cases. Those developers are leveraging the wide potential of PIM and its fast, familiar and efficient programmability, distinctive from other acceleration solution.
This CMI Phase 3 award will certainly contribute to PIM go-to-market acceleration.