UPMEM series A funding (PR)

UPMEM Announces the First Processing In-Memory Chip Accelerating Big Data Applications. UPMEM secures 3 million € round with C4 Ventures, Partech Ventures, Supernova Invest, Western Digital Capital, CA, tech entrepreneurs.…

Diving into Kelonia

A powerful framework to manage a pack of co-processors with few lines of code

Developing applications with DPUs

The PIM (Processing-In-Memory) solution developed by UPMEM is based on a RISC processor design code-named DPU (stands for DRAM Processing Unit), optimized for intensive data processing and compatible with DRAM process constraints.

The Genomics use cases

Genomics is a major contributor to Bioinformatics market, expected to grow 20% per year in the next decade. Giga bytes of data are involved at each computations (DNA samples, reference genome, banks, etc. )…

Big data : The processing efficiency issue

With the digitalization of everything, terabytes of data are generated everyday. Those data are a valuable raw material because once transformed into meaningful information, they help understand what's going on and…