At UPMEM, we believe that processing-in-memory (PIM) is the solution to reach the best computing efficiency at system level, because it is solving the data movement problem by offloading the computations to processing units sitting next to the data.

Our mission is to develop the first processing-in-memory solution that is fully  programmable,  scalable, and accelerate drastically data-intensive applications without requiring any hardware changes.

The PIM is a low cost and general purpose computing solution that already demonstrated a 20x acceleration factor for multiple applications including genomics, real time analytics, search and database scan.


An end-to-end Processing-In-Memory solution 

UPMEM is implementing the first scalable, programmable and efficient Processing-In-Memory (PIM) solution for the datacenter.

The solution consists of positioning hundreds of processing units as close as possible to the data, to make the computation highly efficient in speed but also in energy. Each processing unit is programmable in C, and its execution is orchestrated by the high level application running on the main server CPU.


Data driven


UPMEM processing elements are integrated into the DRAM chips to leverage best-of-art memory density, faster access, and an undisputed bandwidth.

easy-integrationEasy integration


UPMEM solution is packaged on DIMM modules to be smoothly integrated into standard servers, and delivered along with an end-to-end SDK.

truly-scalableTruly Scalable


Hundreds of processing elements can be combined to compute hundreds of Giga bytes in parallel, in a single or multi-tenant architecture.


real-timeReal Time Analytics

Placing ads on a website; Detecting credit card frauds; Analysing incoming News; and more widely On-Line Analytical Processing and On-Line Transaction Processing rely on massive data sets, and require a responsive computing architecture.


puzzlesPattern matching

Comparing DNA sequences against a bank of genes; Associating incoming network packets with flows; Scanning files to match a regular expression; When the size of reference data is much bigger than inputs, memory bandwidth is the dimensioning criteria.




Database server is probably the most common element at enterprise datacenter. Innovative technologies such as In-Memory DataBase and In-Memory DataGrid, are addressing the performance issue, but they need an appropriate hardware to maintain performance while scaling.



neuronesArtificial Intelligence

Neural Networks are good at interpreting real life information. This technology is successful to identify objects in pictures, read  handwritten text, understand natural language, activate characters in video games. AI has a natural fit with the distributed computing architecture proposed by UPMEM.



About us

UPMEM is is a fabless semiconductor company founded in Jan 2015, and the most advanced worldwide dedicated to processing in-memory (PIM), as recognized by many iUPMEM - profile iconnternational distinctions and top tier collaborations. UPMEM is building a PIM solution based on an innovative processor architecture to enable the computation of data intensive operations into hundreds of programmable co-processors sitting right next to the data. Big data applications leveraging UPMEM PIM solution are modified to dispatch and orchestrate the tasks executed by the co- processors, from the main CPU using high level programming languages. The UPMEM team, mixing both worldwide microelectronics and system software experts, is based in Grenoble, the French center for microelectronics and semiconductors.

Company awards


i-Lab Award

HP Enterprise


Tremplin 2016 Award


We’re hiring, join our team !

It’s UPMEM’s people that drive our innovation and fuel our ambition to develop a new class of memory centric computing solutions. We’re looking for innovative, autonomous, pluri-disciplinary people in general, exceptional software & hardware engineers and memory experts in particular.

Current Openings

Hardcore programmer

    Software – Full Time – Grenoble (Fr)

 Senior Compiler engineer

    Software – Full Time – Grenoble (Fr)

 DRAM design / analog expert

    Hardware – Full Time – Grenoble (Fr)

Design & Verification engineer

    Hardware – Full Time – Grenoble (Fr)

People & Organization success manager

    Support – Full Time – Grenoble (Fr)

LLDB debugger integration

    Software – Internship – Grenoble (Fr)

Memory diagnostic tool development

    Software – Internship – Grenoble (Fr)

High performance co-simulation flow development

    Hardware – Internship – Grenoble (Fr)

Production test patterns using functional execution

    Hardware – Internship – Grenoble (Fr)

Processor functional verification

    Hardware – Internship – Grenoble (Fr)

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