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Running fast, running far, sure, but running in the right direction. 

LighthouseTo build a powerful AND easily programmable engine, we consider capabilities as a whole, combining hardware and software. While we do our best to design a great product, nothing can replace first hand feedbacks from End Users. That’s why we’ve decided to launch UPMEM Early Access Program.

Initially, this program is targeting software people willing to prove their gut feeling, and measure precisely how much UPMEM can accelerate their applications, save resources, and reduce infrastructure spendings.

UPMEM Early Access Program is limited to qualified partners. Please use our contact form to request access to UPMEM DPU SDK.


Seed and Extend. Have a look at UPMEM DPU SDK one-pager to understand how simply you can extend the code ported on one DPU to hundreds spread among the data.

Download One-Pager
SDK documentation

UPMEM DPU SDK documentation includes a HelloWorld tutorial, a programming guide, but also a detailed description of the DPU RunTime System Library and Host OS programming interfaces.

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